Yeshai Kav

Investment Consultant

Born in Israel, Yeshai is a Certified Investment Advisor licensed with the Israel Securities Authority, and holds BSc and MBA degrees. Prior to joining MSA, Yeshai held senior investment advisory positions at two leading Israeli banks.

Yeshai specialises in individual client risk and investment profile assessments, strategic asset allocation, and portfolio structuring for High Net Worth, family and corporate clients via the Identification and analysis of specific client needs and objectives, as well as currency and sector preferences.

He seeks first and foremost to produce tailor-made objectives for each client, on an individual and case by case basis, by devising client portfolios with varied ratios of bonds (Fixed Income), Equities, Metals and Commodities, Derivatives, Alternative Investments and other financial Instruments.

Nir Maymon

Investment Consultant

Born in Israel in 1981, Nir is an honours graduate of Ben Gurion University, with a BA in Management (Finance and Accounting) and an MBA in Finance.

Since joining MSA in October 2012, Nir serves as analyst specialising in Fixed Income investments. A Portfolio Manager with experience at institutional investment companies, Nir has a background in investment analysis and client portfolio management. Nir was responsible for many different funds investing in non-domestic assets, with assets under management in excess of over one billion shekels.